4G Yacht is now Wave Connect

Matthew Bingham
February 1, 2022

1 min read

Wave Connect has many different websites and divisions, including 4G Yacht. To enable better consistency and support across these brands, we've decided to merge them into our main company.

We built the 4G Yacht brand in 2018 specifically with mobile data communications for the marine industry. Over the past few years we've added new services and in 2022 introduced the first 5G roaming capability for the marine sector. 4G is still mainstream in mobile data communications, but with the new technology, alongside cyber security, eSIM cards and additional services, we decided that 4G Yacht needed to be updated.

As of March 2022 4G Yacht is now officially our parent company name - Wave Connect.

We still have the same staff and amazing support.

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Matthew Bingham

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