Wave Connect 5G Dome on stand

5G Dome

8 antennas. 3 modems. 6 SIM slots.
1 awesome device


Latest 5G tech for ultimate performance

At the heart of the Wave Connect Dome is a Celerway 5G Modem, mounted within an industrial grade aluminium casing, solid state technology, enterprise grade technology and proven over a wide range of industries.

Wave Connect 5G Dome onboard a yacht
Wave Connect 5G Dome internal antennas

8 high gain omni-directional antennas

The MIMO antennas ensure the best range but in a compact size – meaning a compact solution in just a 50cm dome. The antennas are omni directional, and four antennas per modem delivering MIMO speeds to achieve 1Gbps+ speeds and extended range.

3 modems, 6 SIMs

Take your internet connection to the next level with two 5G modems and one 4G modem. Combine multiple SIM cards to do everything faster - download files in seconds, stream content in 4K and give an experience guests will never forget.

On-shore business buildings with signal coming from them to a fleet of vessels
Wave Connect 5g Dome on stand

7 WAN for improved redundancy

Stop worrying about loss of internet with multiple connectivity routes into your vessel.

Choose simultaneous, load balancing, fallback and bonding options between cards and other WAN connections.

Short coax cable terminations

Not only do short, low loss cables ensure the best performance possible - they’re terminated and tested extensively in a controlled environment to ensure best performance and long term reliability covered under our 3 year warranty.

Internal image of 5G Dome surrounded by icons
Technician installing device on a yacht

Easy to install

All of the technical installation is done in our facility prior to testing, meaning the 5G Wave Connect dome only requires a Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet and power cable installed on site. Crew or Wave Connect technicians can install and deliver super fast speeds in a matter of hours.

5G Dome dimensions
Optional services

Regional IP address & bonded SIM cards

With regional IP addresses you can browse the internet and stream local content from the country of your choice.

Stream like a local

Connect with local content in the country of your choice.

Bonded SIM cards

Bond multiple SIM card connections to our data centers.

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Leasing options are also available.