Yacht unlimited data SIM Europe
Yacht unlimited data SIM Europe

Yacht unlimited data SIM Europe

Where "Unlimited" means unlimited

Zero speed throttling, zero fair usage policy. Welcome to the first marine unlimited European data SIM with no limits.

No fair use policy

Use as much data as you need for a single monthly fee and zero speed throttling.

Yachts only

This unlimited internet plan is strictly reserved for yachts that require big data.

All major networks

Automatically or manually select to any major network operator throughout Europe.

Yacht unlimited internet

Yacht owners and guests have high expectations. Surpass them all by choosing a plan that provides a connection to all major networks, zero speed throttling, no fair usage policy, average download speeds of 10MB - 100MB+, Auto or manully select networks, no long contracts - Monthly plan and failover - includes alternate network backup.

👋 Goodbye fair usage policy

Wave Connect introduce a marine industry first. A single monthly fee for unlimited European internet. No fair use policy and zero speed throttling. Simply use as much data as you need.

Share data over 4 cards

Choose from a single SIM card or share data over up to 4 cards on the same vessel. A great option for SIM card bonding to improve redundancy and increase download and upload speeds.

All major networks

Mulyi-network SIMs that can connect to all major network operators in Europe. Choose to automically connect to the strongest signal, or manually select a network for more fine-grained control.

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