Yacht crew for temporary daywork

No commission. No monthly fee.

Completely free!

Connect with yacht crew candidates

A simplified way to browse and filter potential candidates by location and skill type. Found the ideal crew member? Invite then to apply for the position. Use our built-in messaging system to chat with job applicants directly.

Zero commission.

Zero fees.

Zero fuss.

Post unlimited jobs, connect and hire unlimited crew members. We’re offering this platform completely free to the yachting community. You’ll make payment to the crew in your usual manner (cash or transfer). 

Marine Worker is sponsored by companies that are actively promoting the yachting industry.


Crew recruitment, meet marketing.

Post once, reach thousands of crew across multiple social media profiles.

Reach more crew

Post a job on on Marine Worker, and your company or yacht is highlighted on all of our social media profiles and pages.

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How many hours have you spent posting a position to Facebook pages and sifting through replies and comments?

After posting a job on Marine Worker, we’ll automatically publish on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Candidates will apply for the position on Marine Worker, rather than messaging or commenting from several different sources. It’s centralised crew recruitment as it should be.

Increase brand awareness

Create trust by better positioning your company name. Job postings ensure that your company is visible. 

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When your job is published to to our social media channels, your company (or yacht) name will be shown creating great brand awareness. 

Personalised landing page

Easily promote your company or yacht, display in results, showcase job postings and receive a personalised link.

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Showcase your company or yacht via a unique link that promotes your values, brand identity (logo) and available jobs.

Pay crew directly

Post unlimited jobs and increase brand awareness. The platform is free to use. Pay crew directly, as you normally do.

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All features are included for free. This service is brought to you by advocates of the marine industry.

Yacht Crew. Improve your visibility.


Brand yourself

Resources that help build your personal brand, increasing job prospects.

Online CV

Your personal landing page CV. Use as  alternate or companion to your paper CV.

Personalised link

Unique URL taking potential employers directly to your online profile.

Get paid as usual

You’ll arrange and receive payment directly from the yacht or recruiter.

Hiring guides

Gain access to resources that guide you through creating better content.

Community help

Stuck with something or need help? Our community forum is happy to help.

Our Values

We’re committed to getting new crew into the industry, and helping experienced crew secure their next position. This free service is brought to you by sponsors including Marine Plans.


Right now everything is free. The website is designed and managed by a collaboration of marine companies that are looking to improve the industry.


Guides, tips and lively discussion is available. If you need technical assistance, or help writing your online CV, that’s a great place to start.


In order to succeed we are constantly providing new improvements to the platform. Noticed a bug? We’ll fix it immediately. Have an idea of how Marine Worker can improve? Let us know and we’ll consider adding it.