Unlimited data SIMs

Zero speed throttling guaranteed. Choose an allowance and then simply pay as you go.

Connect to all major networks with an unlimited internet data SIM. Choose a bundle with zero throttling. A simply monthly rolling certified roaming data plan.

Big data, flexible pricing.

Every major network operator. No speed throttling, connect to all major networks with a monthly contract.

No long commitment

No lengthy commitment, simply a monthly rolling plan.

Throw away long contracts and choose a plan that gives your the flexibility to suspend and change plans easily.

Zero speed throttling

Use as much data as you want, without worrying about a decrease in download and upload speeds.

Some providers have a fair usage policy which triggers a decrease in download and upload speeds. Wave Connect data plans have no speed throttling. Make the switch to an unlimited data Europe SIM.

All major networks

Still using a single network SIM card? Switch to a multi-network option that allows you to connect to all major operators.

Plus, choose to automatically connect to the strongest signal or manually select a network.

Backup card included

Redundancy is essential when providing a flawless service. Gain access to an alternate network architecture.

Having a redundant network is essential for mission-critical systems, and also helps troubleshoot network issues. We provide a backup card, which is only charged per GB when you use it.

Unlimited data per SIM card

🚀 1TB rolling plan
1TB+ or pay per GB

Choose bundled data plans alongside multiple SIM cards for the flexibility of bonding multiple connections.

How much data do you need?


🚀 1000GB


Equal to 1000 GB

400 hours of HD streaming video
170 hours of 4K streaming video

Woman similing portrait image

“We received good training and continued support - cracking team of techs!”

Renewable energy | Europe


🚀 1500GB


Equal to 1500 GB

600 hours of HD streaming video
255 hours of 4K streaming video

Man similing portrait image

“We no longer have constant issues and we always get a quick response from the technicians. I recommend this service to all yachts.”

Private motor yacht | Global


🚀 2000GB


Equal to 2000 GB

800 hours of HD streaming video
340 hours of 4K streaming video

Phone plans. Man on mobile phone smiling.

“Recently used for several upgrade projects. Excellent work - reasonably priced too.”

Yacht management company | France


🚀 3000GB


Equal to 3000 GB

1200 hours of HD streaming video
510 hours of 4K streaming video

Man similing portrait image

“We rely on the maintenance and support and have built a quality relationship with this company. Well trusted and recommended.”

Corporate client | Europe


🚀 5000GB


Equal to 5000 GB

2000 hours of HD streaming video
850 hours of 4K streaming video

Unlimited data

Choose a bundle and then pay per GB

All of our plans include a zero throttling guarantee. This means that you can use as much data as you need. Simply choose a data bundle and then pay per GB after you've exceed the allowance.

All data plans

Check data use

All cards and total allowance usage available 24/7 online

Access all cards on your account with a live data allowance view. Available 24/7, the Wave Connect portal allows you to view all cards and generate reports for historical data.

Wave Connect portal showing SIM card usage and number of cards.


Still have questions?

What is unlimited data?

Unlimited data allows you to use as data as you need to surf the internet, stream movies or anything else you do when online. Many network operators have a fair use policy (FUP) in place to ensure that customers are throttled when using a large amount of data (Wave Connect do not throttle connections).

How much does unlimited data cost?

The cost of unlimited data depends on whether the plan is country-specific (USA only or France only for example), regional (Europe only or Asia only for example), and whether there are any fair use policies in place.