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Do Wave provide Caribbean data plans?

Yes! We provide local connectivity for the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bristish Virgin Islands, Sint, Maarten, USA and similar locations. We (and our customers) favour commercial-IoT over consumer solutions, to provide an extensive always-on, zero throttling maritime solution.

How long can I use roaming data in Turkey?

There are no pre-defined government rules for roaming data in Turkey however, our experience shows us that the maximum usage period cannot breach 3-months per year. The IMEI (ID) of your router is tagged by Turkish authorities and will be banned from the network if you utilise for more than 3-months per year. In this case, the only way to bypass this restriction is to swap both the SIM card and equipment if staying for a prolonged period.

Will this work in Turkey?

Yes! We provide two routes in (different providers, but can supply these on a single magic SIM card) that use Vodafone, Turkcell and Avea. The best network depends on your location. Note that roaming data is restricted to 120 days in Turkey. After this time your SIM card and cellular device will likely be banned from the network.

Will this work in Monaco?

Yes! Unlike other providers that only allow access to Orange France, we have an agreement with Monaco Telecom to give you direct access to their network in Monaco.