Global unlimited phone plan

Stay connected with the office, colleagues, friends and family wherever you travel.

Unlimited worldwide business data

Use as much business data as you need, anywhere in the world for a fixed monthly fee.

Immediate eSIM activation with QR code

For those who have a device capable of using an eSIM, we can send a QR code for immediate activation and use. You'll be up and running within 10 minutes.

No shipping required

QR code sent by email

Photo code for immedaite activation

Reduce security breaches

The worldwide unlimited business data plan offers a business grade solution to ensure compliance, while also reducing the risk of security breaches, malware, and virus.

Blocks malicious websites

Commuinicate over VoIP and chat

Allowed/disallowed website categories list

Global connectivity

A connection in almost every country worldwide, for a single monthly price. No additional costs for overuse.


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