Autonomous vehicles

Resilient connectivity for self-driving vehicles

Professional connectivity for autonomous vehicles including failover support via a separate network architecture.

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IoT at big data rates

Leverage an IoT big data platform and pay per GB rather than MB.

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Multiple networks

Do more by with a multi-network card to connect to more operators.

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Multi-card connection

Multiple cards on separate networks to improve resiliency and speed.

Autonomous vehicles

Data in action

Access to highly available data with failover technology.

Autonomous car linked with 4G data
Autonomous tractor
Autonomous small bus
Autonomous warehouse robots
Autonomous bus with camera and detector
Autonomous tractor
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Bespoke autonomous vehicle data plans.

We understand that autonomous vehicles require reliable internet connectivity. Wave Connect provide bespoke plans based on the number of SIM cards and data allowance required.

Our plans include single SIM and multi-SIM solutions. You can choose from flexible options including pooled data across hundreds or even thousands of SIM cards - all manageable via an online portal.

Multi-breakout with static IP for local latency.

An IoT platform that gives you access to a network with multiple breakout points / point of presence (PoP).

Route data to the closest connection point to keep latency to a minimum.

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Wave Connect portal showing SIM card usage and number of cards.
Wave Connect portal - Company balance remaining
Wave Connect portal - data usage in GB
Wave Connect portal - Active SIM card count

Access your fleets data with a single login.

Gain access to a portal that shows complete visibility of all data SIM cards and generate white labelled reports for your customers.

Failover with separate network architecture.

Autonomous vehicles require excellent connectivity and a backup network architecture that is resilient.

Combine multi-IMSI network cards that use different routes to ensure that your remote connection is always available.

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Equipment, installation, data and support.

Invaluable advice for required equipment including ongoing maintenance and support.

The Wave Connect team cover all aspects of your autonomous vehicle project including worldwide installation services worldwide.


If you can't find the answer to a question contact us, we don't bite.

Why Wave Connect for autonomous vehicles?
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Wave Connect provides big data to major sectors including broadcasting and marine. Leveraging big data on our IoT platform allows us to keep data prices competitive whilst maintaining a cutting edge system capable of complex requirements.

Do we offer a trial?
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Yes we can offer a trial under the right circumstances. Contact us for more information about testing our SIM cards.

Do I have to install anything?
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If you purchase a physical SIM card, you will need to plug this into your data router (or other device). Our technicians are available for free configuration is required.

Do speeds ever throttle or slow?
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Unless you give us specific instructions to throttle your connection at a particular GB allowance, the speed of your connection will never be throttled. Tailored speed throttling is only available on certain plans.