Mobile public WiFi

Give the public want they want

Wireless internet access has become the norm on public transport. Give excellent connectivity with rugid equipment and data plans.

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Block illicit sites

Block gambling and keep public safe.

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More networks

Connect to multiple networks.

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No speed throttling

Unlimited data with no reduction in speed.

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Pay only for what you use

Our pay as you go plans are region specific, you'll simply pay per GB at a rate determined by your current location. Plus, you can view the location of all cards via our online portal.

No long contract commitments

All Wave Connect plans come with a monthly rolling subscription as standard. Choose to cancel at any time.

For more flexibility you can opt to prepay for a block of data that can be used over a yearly period.

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Wave Connect portal showing SIM card usage and number of cards.
Wave Connect portal - Company balance remaining
Wave Connect portal - data usage in GB
Wave Connect portal - Active SIM card count

Keep tabs on your data usage.

Full visibility of your data consumption with the Wave Connect portal. Generate PDF and Excel reports for data access on specific dates and times. And that's available for all cards that you purchase from us.

Perfect for tour operators

Wave Connect manage internet connectivity for hundreds of coaches and other transport across Europe and other remote locations.

Our European internet plans coupled with pay as you go data is an ideal solution to providing outstanding connectivity for passengers.

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Block illicit websites

Our full IoT solutions are clever. Block websites such as gambling to keep your passengers safe.

All major operators, small price per GB


Rates change on a daily basis to stay competitive. Contact us for more info.


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Connect to all major operators


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Stream and browse like a local


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All major operators in the United States
Multiple network operators
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Auto connect to operators
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Manually connect to operators
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Monthly plan
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Pay only for what you need
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Cancellation days needed


If you can't find the answer to a question contact us, we don't bite.

What is a core network?
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Voice and text messages are not included.
A core network is a network provider such as Vodafone, Orange or AT&T. These providers usually have partners in countries they don’t have a presence. For example, Orange France allows you to connect to Monaco Telecom when in Monaco. When you have more core networks, you inevitably have superior coverage.

Why pay as you go?
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Bundles of data do not work for big data customers – every GB of data you don’t use costs you money. That why 4G Yacht only offer big data SIM cards as either unlimited or pay as you go plans. Usually the rate per GB for a bundle plan looks good, but unless you’re using the 100% of data bundle, it’s more affordable to pay per GB (pay as you go).

As a simple example, consider a 500GB data plan. The advertised cost of £2 per GB looks good, especially when comparing to a pay as you go rate of £2.50 per GB. The problem is that unless you use the entire 500GB every month, your per GB bundle cost is much higher. With 4G Yacht pay as you go plans your data is valid for 12 months so the rate you see is the rate you’ll actually pay.

For more information, check our "Data bundles vs. pay as you go" article.

Do we offer a trial?
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Yes we can offer a trial under the right circumstances. Contact us for more information about testing our SIM cards.

Do I have to install anything?
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If you purchase a physical SIM card, you will need to plug this into your data router (or other device). Our technicians are available for free configuration is required.

Do speeds ever throttle or slow?
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Unless you give us specific instructions to throttle your connection at a particular GB allowance, the speed of your connection will never be throttled. Tailored speed throttling is only available on certain plans.