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At Wave Connect, we believe in providing the best SIM cards for IoT and M2M devices. Our mission is to empower businesses with internet that serves people in the most human and helpful way possible.

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Our story

Wave Connect was founded for businesses that share our passion for providing excellent technical support. For many of us, great customer service is not just a cost centre but also an effective marketing tool, a competitive differentiator, and a cornerstone of the brand. However, in 2013, there were no reliable technical support services for the marine industry, so we built one.

After years of innovation, technology evolution, and a changing customer base, we shifted focus to data communications for the maritime sector. Later, after gaining extensive knowledge about data communications, we realised that the IoT sector was too expensive for many. We decided to leverage our big data maritime contracts to provide low-priced IoT data with our customer-focused support, and started marketing to other industry sectors.

What sets us apart is that we are a family-owned company that providing the best possible customer support. Wave provides small-data IoT contracts at big-data prices (per MB/per GB) - commercial rates that are unique, and that no other provider can match.

Today, Wave Connect is used by high net worth individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and personal customers around the world. We have been on this journey for several years now, but in many ways, it still feels like early days. We believe that providing excellent customer service will never go out of style, and we intend to be around for as long as people value that way of doing business.


Azuz IT founded

Launched by our founder Matthew Bingham, Azuz IT aims to simplify technical support for the maritime industry.


Yacht Mail launched

Featured in Super Yacht News, Yacht Mail was the first original iteration of an uninterrupted email service for the superyacht sector.


4G Yacht launched

Cellular and satellite data communication services for the superyacht sector.


Rebrand as Wave Connect

Now providing much more than IT services, Azuz IT rebrands as Wave Connect.


Innovation: eSIM on physical SIM

Wave gain the ability to push an eSIM profile over-the-air to a physical SIM card, amongst the first in the telecoms industry.


Wave Connect Amazon launch

We simultaneously launch products in the UK, European and US marketplaces.

Always innovating

Innovation is at the heart of every new product or service we provide.

Always supporting

Our team is obsessed with customer documentation and happiness.

Always connecting

Our resilient service platform ensures that you will remain connected.

Our values

People love to buy from and support businesses they believe in. This is what makes small businesses so special, and why we choose to share our values publicly.

For profit and for purpose

Wave Connect practices inclusive, sustainable business practices. We’re also a member of 1% For the Planet, which means we donate one percent of our total annual turnover (not just profit) to qualified charitable projects. If your organisation is making an impact, we’d love to help!

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Remote first

From the very beginning, we've been working remotely and it's been amazing! Being a remote-first company has given us the freedom to hire the best talent out there and has given our team an awesome work-life balance.

We ❤️ diversity

Diverse teams perform better. To build the best product and create a thriving, inclusive company, we are committed to having a team that is diverse and reflects our customer base.

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