Crew, guest and owner segmented Wi-Fi benefits

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Anum Rahim
Whilst many yacht owners and network providers offer quality solutions of offering top-notch network services, there’s an easy method of ensuring that you offer an optimal Wi-Fi service.
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For those travelling onboard a yacht, an uninterrupted and reliable internet connection will be a blessing. Whether you need to send an important e-mail, stream your favourite videos or simply keep in touch with friends and family, a high standard network connection will help make the journey a smooth and truly enjoyable one. Whilst many yacht owners and network providers offer quality solutions of offering top-notch network services, there’s an easy method of ensuring that you offer an optimal service and can help keep all your crew and passengers onboard connected without worry.

Network Segregation

Network segregation is based on a rather simple approach. The main network is segmented into smaller chunks or domains and these domains operate on different radios. It is the process of splitting or dividing a network into smaller and easier to manage segments. Based on the divide and conquer approach, the act of segregating a network will give you more control over its sub segments. The ability to provide a controlled service is particularly important as it enables one to separate the networks and provide ease of use, privacy and added security for all members on board. You can effectively separate the crew and owner connection from the guest connection and have peace of mind that the network speed and security will not be compromised.

The benefits of segregating a network

With network segregation on yachts, you can instantly maximize the efficiency of the Wi-Fi and provide the guests and crew with a reliable internet service. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of segregating your onboard wireless network:

Better performance and reduced network congestion

Reduced quality of service is a misery, especially when you’re onboard a luxury yacht and looking forward to your trip. Network segregation will divide the main network into smaller, easier to manage subnetworks. Since there will be fewer hosts all together, there will be reduced traffic and therefore a notable boost in performance.

Traffic separation

Network segregation offers improved security through secure guest access. Using secure guest access, one can effectively segregate the guest traffic and the internal traffic and thereby offer robust security for the yacht’s Wi-Fi connection. All guests on-board can be provided with a simple password that they can use to login to the network via a hotspot or lobby. This way, the various users of the network will have controlled access to services and information and sensitive information will be protected.

Bandwidth control

There will be no more worrying about slacking speed and intruders stealing the bandwidth since segregating the yacht’s network will enable bandwidth limits to various users.  Controlling the bandwidth will enable you to offer various privileges to those who are entitled to them. For example, guests and owners would be granted unlimited bandwidth and crew can use any bandwidth available after these connections have completed.

Enhanced security and data reliability

Since there will be a dramatic decrease in the amount of traffic moving through the various network segments, it will make it difficult for intruders to attack the network due to the complexity of the network structure. In addition, as it is critical to control the access to sensitive information, network segregation will offer improved access control for the owner, guests and the crew. As a result, not only will the network security be maximized but it will also be less likely for a failure to propagate to other segments.

Flexibility of control is easy

Offering customised control is not only critical but also rather easy to accomplish. There’s really no rocket science to it. Once the network has been segregated, different policies can be applied to the various sub-segments of the network and hence, a reliable and top notch standard of service can effectively be provided.

When you need a Wi-Fi solution that you can count on, a network segregation approach will be your safest bet. Not only will it give you great value for money but it will also ensure that the Wi-Fi experience is flawless and your business can operate and offer a quality network connection with ease.