Unlimited data plans for Europe now available

Written by
Matthew Bingham
Published on
January 27, 2023
Multi-network professional roaming coverage throughout Europe. Now available as an unlimited option. Choose to share data across (up to) 4 SIM cards.
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Introducing new professional unlimited data SIM card plans for Europe

You can now use your data router, MiFi and smartphone devices on the most popular networks in Europe: GSM and LTE. To stay connected while exploring new destinations, ports, airports and hotels, we are introducing new professional unlimited data SIM card plans for Europe. These new SIM card plans are designed for professionals who need more data than a personal plan offers with enhanced flexibility. They provide affordable and reliable Internet access at more locations than ever before, so you can easily keep up with work, entertain guests and travel without any worries. Connect to more networks and forget about roaming data challenges with Wave Connect professional unlimited data SIM card plans.

What is the difference between Personal and Professional Unlimited Data SIM cards?

The major difference between these two types of SIM cards is the amount of data that you can use whilst roaming. A personal data SIM card usually allows between 10GB - 25GB of data roaming in the EU per month. The network operator will then either charge a large fee for additional data usage or throttle your internet connection. A professional roaming SIM card can provide an unlimited amount of data but generally, the operator will throttle the connection at a higher GB allowance or charge for any usage over a fair use policy - this pricing is usually less than personal data plans.

Wave Connect Professional plans also allow data use on several shared data SIM cards. This means that you can use up to 4 SIM cards in the same device on the plan. Routers that are capable of utilising several SIM cards benefit from enhanced resiliency, failover and bonded connections.

Why use IoT roaming data SIM cards?

People travel a lot for business, for pleasure or both. You might also travel frequently for professional reasons, such as working in a remote location or travelling to various international conferences. Whether you want to travel or you simply want the freedom to travel and use your phone to stay connected, an IoT-enabled roaming data SIM card is your best option. These SIM cards automatically use your mobile data connection when you are roaming in another country, without being bound by the data caps of your home provider. This means you can use as much data as you want without worrying about losing the connection.

Why do you need an IoT-enabled roaming SIM card for roaming in Europe?

If you are a professional who travels frequently to Europe, an IoT-enabled roaming data roaming SIM card is a great option for you. The vast majority of European mobile networks now support LTE IoT, making it possible for you to use your phone or data router even when you are abroad. What’s more, many of these networks are compatible with high-speed network technologies such as 4G, 4G-LTEA and 5G, giving you access to affordable and fast internet connectivity whilst roaming.

How to connect to all networks on an IoT-enabled unlimited data roaming SIM card?

There are many IoT data providers but only a handful that can provide big data and small-data prices. IoT-enabled unlimited data roaming SIM cards are just like regular SIM cards - you insert them into your device, configure a few settings and are ready to go. Once activated, the SIM card will automatically connect to the available LTE networks in your area whenever you are in the range of a strong signal. For additional flexibility, you can choose to manually select a network.

What is the price for a professional IoT unlimited Europe data roaming SIM card?

Unlimited EU data plans are available as either a single SIM card or shared data SIM option. For the latest pricing, take a look at your Europe destination page.

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