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Data plan types

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Data plan types

Bundle [prepaid]

Pay as you go plans offer the flexibility to top-up your data as needed, giving you control over your usage.

Pay as you go [postpaid]

With pay as you go plans, there are no long-term commitments or contracts to worry about.


A mix of prepaid and postpaid. Use your pre-purchased data allowance and we'll invoice you for any additional data use.

Why a data bundle?

Our bundles offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for users with predictable data consumption. With flexible top-up options and shared data for an unlimited number of SIM cards, you can stay connected without worrying about exceeding your data limit.

Pay less per GB

Save money with our affordable bundles that cater to your specific data needs.

Top-up when needed

Enjoy the convenience of easily managing your data usage and top-up options.

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Why Pay As You Go (PAYG) Plan?

With our pay as you go data plans, you can enjoy cost-effective and convenient internet access. No contracts, no commitments.


Pay only for the data you need, saving money on unused data allowances.


Top up your data whenever you need it, without being tied to a monthly plan.

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About unlimited data plans

Wave do not offer an unlimited data plan at a fixed price. Our offer is a mix of prepaid and postpaid. You prepay for a data bundle for a defined duration (for example 90 days). If you go over the prepaid data bundle the plan is not throttled, rather you will be charged for additiona MB/GB used during the predefined duration.

Prepay for a bundle

Prepay for an initial data bundle.

Pay per GB / MB

Pay per MB / GB when going over the predefined data bundle.

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Wave Connect makes data plans more understandble

Unlike other providers, Wave gives all pricing and data plan information upfront.

Pay As You Go

Pay only for the data you use, with no monthly commitments or contracts.

Bundled data

Get a fixed amount of data each month, perfect for regular internet usage.

Unlimited data

Enjoy unlimited data with no restrictions or worries about exceeding limits.

Affordable pricing for IoT solutions

Experience seamless connectivity with our competitively priced SIM cards. Start free, pay when you're happy.