Efficiently manage your fleet of SIM cards

Simplify SIM card management for businesses with multiple devices.

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The Benefits of Shared and Pooled Data Plans

Our shared and pooled data plans offer significant advantages for businesses and organizations. With a large number of SIM cards, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Experience seamless connectivity and manage your fleet of SIM cards effortlessly.

Streamline company operations

Efficiently manage a large number of SIM cards via the Wave Connect SIM portal.

Improve business efficiency

Remotely provision next-gen eSIM technology to physical SIM cards.

Works with your devices

A range of SIM card sizes and uninversal compatibility.

Leverage IoT for high ROI

Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing a large number of SIM cards, providing cost savings and increased flexibility through shared and pooled data plans. With our advanced management tools, you can easily monitor and control your fleet of SIM cards, ensuring efficient usage and maximizing your return on investment.

Cost savings

Shared and pooled data plans offer significant cost savings compared to individual plans.


Our platform provides the flexibility to easily manage and allocate data across your SIM cards.

Simplify SIM Card management with the Wave Connect portal

Setting up and managing a large number of SIM cards with shared and pooled data is made easy through the Wave Connect portal. Add and remove devices, monitor usage, and streamline your IoT and M2M device fleet management.

Be more efficient

SIM card management, done right.

Take control of your fleet of SIM cards with the Wave Connect portal. Simplify billing, manage devices effortlessly, and scale your operations with ease.

Simplified Billing, Easy Device Management, and Scalability
Streamline SIM Card management with Wave Connect

Increased visibility

Simplified billing, easy device management, and scalability

Increased ROI

Free up personnel for business growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our shared and pooled data plans.

How does data sharing work?

Data sharing allows multiple devices to share a single data plan, reducing costs and simplifying management. Each device on the plan can access the shared data pool.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of data sharing include cost savings, flexibility to allocate data as needed, and centralised management of multiple devices.

How do I activate data sharing?

To activate data sharing, simply contact our customer support team for more information and pricing.

Can I share data internationally?

Yes, data sharing is available for international usage. However, additional charges may apply based on the specific country and roaming agreements.

What if I need more data?

If you need more data, you can easily upgrade your data plan to accommodate your needs. Contact our customer support team for assistance.

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