Simplify SIM card management and data monitoring

Discover the power of our IoT and M2M platform that streamlines SIM card management and provides real-time data usage monitoring.

Effortless SIM Management

Manage your SIM cards with ease and gain real-time insights for your IoT and M2M devices.

Activation. Automated.

Once you receive your SIM card, simply follow the instructions in your welcome email to register your card online. Enter the SIM ID and your contact information to register and manage all cards in the Wave Connect portal.


🔔 Ding! Notifications

With our IoT SIM card and data plan platform, you can easily manage and monitor all your IoT devices from a single dashboard. From real-time data monitoring to remote device management, our platform offers the tools you need to streamline your operations.

Top-ups, simplified.

Data plans are activated from the first data use. By default, plans are set to manual top-up meaning that once all data is consumed, the card is suspended. Choosing to automatically top-up means that your card will never suspend.

Want to change plan? Upgrade or download online

When topping up, you can choose to change your data plan. Available options for upgrades and downgrades are shown online.

Are you a business? 
Our platform, your brand.

Unlock the potential of your brand with our platform's white labeling feature. With our partner program, you can seamlessly integrate our IoT and M2M SIM cards into your own product offerings, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Customize Your Branding

Expand Your Reach

Increase Customer Loyalty

Affordable pricing for IoT solutions

Experience seamless connectivity with our competitively priced SIM cards. Start free, pay when you're happy.