Businesses start with a trial data SIM

Qualifying businesses can start with a free IoT SIM card and test data.

More competitive than the competiton

Unlike other providers, Wave leverages big data to provide small data customers with the most competitive rates available.

A single SIM to use everywhere

Leverage our high-tech platform to connect to the internet almost everywhere on the planet.

Cost-effective data plans

Flexible options including prepaid and postpaid, monthly and yearly plans.

Simplified fleet management

Manage everything via a single portal, and use a single pool of data amongst all cards.

Who qualifies for a free IoT data SIM card?

Providing a free SIM card allows you to get to know how our service works, and set expectations for our excellent connectivity.

Business start-ups

If you're a startup that has funding or has qualified for funding.

Established businesses

Businesses that are switching or looking for a new provider.

Charitable foundations

We provide SIM cards, advice and discounts for registered charities.

SIM, platform & data

Discover how to manage all of your SIM cards, add alerts and notifications. We'll even provide a free data allowance to get you started.

Get a free IoT data SIM

An IoT expert will be in touch.

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