Wave Connect vs. Wherever SIM

Competitive big-data and small-data, no minimum order quantity and no charge for our SIM cards.

If you’re looking for a platform that gives you a better way to manage SIM cards and has industry low rates as standard, Wave Connect was built for you.

Why Choose Wave Connect over Wherever SIM?

Wave Connect offers a similar range of features and benefits to Wherever SIM, but what sets us apart is scalability and pricing. Whether your company wants to start with a single SIM and grow-as-you-go, or wants to share data over a thousand SIM cards - Wave Connect caters to all deployment types.

Unlike Wherever SIM, we don't charge for our SIM cards, and provide highly competitive big-data rates (even for customers requiring small data).

More value for less

Leverage our big data platform to benefit from industry-low rates.

Better for heavy data

Start with a single SIM and scale to an unlimited amount easily.

Simple set up

Simply enter your SIM ID on our platform and your ready to go.

Our pricing and support are unmatched. I couldn't be happier with the service.
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J Barret

Founder, AgriTech

Pricing Comparison

Compare the pricing of Wave Connect and Things Mobile for a 10GB plan.

Wave Connect

€0 / SIM
Start with a single SIM
1GB from €2
Minimum order - 1 SIM
Charged per MB/GB
Monthly and yearly plans
Simple plans and rates

Wherever SIM

From €0.49 / SIM
25 SIM card minimum
Unknown price
Minimum order - 25 SIMs
For small data quantities

Wave Connect is right for you if...

You want predictable rates

We find that providers that publish pricing are generally more competitively priced. Since Wherever SIM do not publish prices, one could assume that they are not competitive.

You need small, medium or big data

Wherever SIM is built for companies that require only a small amount of data. Wave Connect also provide this service, but we provide small data at the same rates as big data (which are heavily reduced). This way, all customers benefit from a lower rate regardless on the plan purchased.

You want less than 25 SIM cards

Whilst Wave Connect can provide you with as many SIM cards as required, which can all be managed via our online portal - we have no minimum order constraints. Wherever SIM however, require a minimum order of 25 SIM cards. Our philosophy is start small and grow as you go - we also cater to well-established companies that want a large number of SIM cards and can fulfill all requests.

You want to get up and running quickly

The last thing you need is a lengthy set up and onboarding process. You can set up Wave Connect and start using the internet within minutes of receiving your SIM card(s).  You’ll also have access to our top-notch support team and library of self-service documentation for any questions that may come up along the way.

Start with a free SIM

Get pricing upfront, start free and only pay for more data when you're happy.