Security & surveillance IoT data SIM

IoT SIM for CCTV + tracker applications

In the security and surveillance sector, reliable and efficient IoT data plans are crucial for seamless monitoring and protection.

CCTV connectivity

Experience seamless and reliable connectivity for your security and surveillance IoT devices with our advanced data SIM cards. Stay connected and monitor your assets with ease.


Small data CCTV

Our data plans offer reliable and high-speed connectivity, ensuring seamless coverage for security devices and surveillance cameras.

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Zero speed throttling

Big data live CCTV streaming

Experience enhanced safety and seamless video streaming with our data plans. Monitor your security systems remotely with ease.

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Bespoke plans

All CCTV SIM cards, a single pool of data

Our data plans provide the perfect solution for security cameras, offering both real-time monitoring and long-term recording capabilities. With our reliable network, you can ensure uninterrupted surveillance and peace of mind.


Stream live footage and receive instant alerts for immediate action and response.

Low data use plans

Store and access recorded footage for future analysis and evidence gathering.

Colourful artistic photo of CCTV cameras in different profiles.

Unleash the power of IoT data plans for your CCTV cameras

Our IoT data plans are specifically designed to meet the needs of both low and high data use CCTV cameras. With our plans, you can ensure seamless connectivity and reliable data transmission for your security and surveillance systems.

Discover the perfect broadcasting data plan

Unlock seamless connectivity for your broadcasting and event needs.