Unlock the Power of IoT in Maritime

Experience seamless connectivity and real-time insights for your maritime operations with our data plans.

Transforming maritime operations

Unlock the power of IoT data with our cutting-edge SIM cards. Revolutionise your maritime operations with seamless connectivity and real-time insights.

Stay connected anywhere, even in remote maritime locations

Our data plans are designed to ensure optimal communication and data flow between vessels and shore, enabling maritime companies to stay connected even in the most remote locations. With our reliable SIM cards, you can trust that your IoT and M2M devices will always have access to the best connectivity solutions for seamless operations.

Our shipping company has experienced significant cost savings and improved efficiency since switching to their data plans. Their SIM cards are the best choice for maritime data routers.
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FJ Fantantie

CEO, Shipping Co.

Introducing 5G Dome

Introducing our 5G Dome hardware, the ultimate solution for multi-WAN connectivity. With its powerful capabilities, it ensures seamless and reliable connectivity for IoT and M2M devices in the maritime industry.

8 antennas. 3 modems. 6 SIM slots.
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Our innovative 5G Dome product combines the power of Starlink, cellular data, and more to provide a flawless multi-connection solution.

Tailored Solutions for Maritime Data

Explore our data plans and get in touch with our team for a customized maritime solution.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our IoT data SIM cards and data plans for the disaster and emergency services industry.

Will this work in Turkey?

Yes! We provide two routes in (different providers, but can supply these on a single magic SIM card) that use Vodafone, Turkcell and Avea. The best network depends on your location. Note that roaming data is restricted to 120 days in Turkey. After this time your SIM card and cellular device will likely be banned from the network.

How long can I use roaming data in Turkey?

There are no pre-defined government rules for roaming data in Turkey however, our experience shows us that the maximum usage period cannot breach 3-months per year. The IMEI (ID) of your router is tagged by Turkish authorities and will be banned from the network if you utilise for more than 3-months per year. In this case, the only way to bypass this restriction is to swap both the SIM card and equipment if staying for a prolonged period.

Are we data roaming experts?

Wave Connect simplify data roaming for yachts, oil rigs, shipping companies and more. Providing a single view for all of your cards, alongside live data usage, Wave is the go-to expert roaming data solution provider for the maritime sector.

Can I use these cards at sea?

Yes however, it depends on a number of factors. Essentially you'll be connecting to shoreside cell towers so ensure that your equipment has minimal noise and the correct antenna configuration. Contact us for assistance with this.

Will my speed be throttled?

Unless you give us specific instructions to throttle your connection or you purchase a bundle, the speed of your connection will never be throttled. Tailored speed throttling is only available on certain plans.

Does Wave Connect provide marine data solutions?

Yes! Wave Connect provides coverage for approximately 95% of the world using a large network of providers to ensure the best coverage and highest quality service. We believe this makes Wave Connect the primary marine data solution for the maritime sector.

Do we offer a trial?

Yes, we can offer a trial under the right circumstances. Trials are reserved for companies that require multiple cards and for vessels with high data usage. Contact us for more information about testing our SIM cards.

Do Wave provide Caribbean data plans?

Yes! We provide local connectivity for the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bristish Virgin Islands, Sint, Maarten, USA and similar locations. We (and our customers) favour commercial-IoT over consumer solutions, to provide an extensive always-on, zero throttling maritime solution.

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