Data plans

Professional data plans

Professional internet with exceptional coverage. Connect to all major networks and experience local latency with smart SIM cards. Wave Connect provides the fastest yacht internet at sea.

Network priority

Most roaming SIMs have a lower network priority than local data cards. Our roaming SIM cards use the latest version 3 technology.You'll roam at the same network priority as locals, meaning that you'll gain a higher network priority than other roaming SIM cards.

Blank white SIM card

Smart SIM cards for lightning latency

Gain low latency by trusting a SIM card that automatically routes you to the nearest point of presence. A direct connection means less hops and reduced latency and packet loss, and increased throughput.

Automatic or manual network selection

Using the latest SIM technology, you'll gain access to a SIM card that defaults to the strongest signal, with the option to choose a network operator manually if that's your style.

Wave Connect portal showing SIM card usage and number of cards.
Wave Connect portal - Company balance remaining
Wave Connect portal - data usage in GB
Wave Connect portal - Active SIM card count

"How much data have I used?" said none of our customers.

Full visibility of your data consumption with the Wave Connect portal. Generate PDF and Excel reports for data access on specific dates and times. And that's available for all cards that you purchase from us.

All major network operators

Gain access to an EU MNO commercial SIM which covers all EU networks where it matters such as Greece, Spain, Italy and France where others don’t. In Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, the Bahamas Caribbean we provide 4G on all available networks.

Most providers supply a single network internet SIM card. Upgrade to a 4G Yacht multi-network plan and gain access to every major network operator.

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Your itinerary

Where are you heading?

We cover all data requirements for worldwide travel.

Albania city during sunset


Pay as you go
Pay as you go
Port Hercules Monanco image with yachts from a distance


Bundles, Pay as you go, Unlimited
Pay as you go
Port of Montenegro from a distance


Pay as you go
Pay as you go
A beach and yacht in the bamahas

The Bahamas

Bundles, Pay as you go
Pay as you go
A Caribbean Island with light blue water

The Caribbean

Bundles, Pay as you go
Pay as you go
Turkey skyline with sunsetting in the distance behind a bell tower


Pay as you go
Pay as you go
Fort Lauderdale yachts and port


Pay as you go
Pay as you go

We literally wrote the book on yacht data

Yacht owners and Captains are unaware of the shady practices surrounding 4G data in the marine industry.

Our aim is to educate the industry whilst providing yachts with internet that incorporates fair pricing, plus excellent service and guidance.

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